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The 36-guest True North was fresh off an extensive refit in late March, which saw the ship get a new on-demand entertainment system.

Passengers will now get an airline-like in-cabin infotainment experience, also including the day’s itineraries, and cultural highlights while reducing paper use.

A new itinerary is also on tap, said Peter Trembath, brand director, as next January the ship will sail from Perth to Esperance on a seven-night program.

“True North Adventure Cruises is not just another expedition cruise,” Trembath told Cruise Industry News. “We curate activity-based itineraries that are designed to satisfy the world’s most discerning travelers. We specifically exclude sea days and feature access to stunning coastal environments and the opportunity to truly experience the destination.”

Small and Unique

Commissioned and built in 2005, the True North is a unique ship, with a shallow draft and six dedicated small adventure tender boats for just 36 guests.

Every sailing sees a biologist join the ship, who is in charge of six guides, each of which oversees a tender boat.

There’s also a helicopter parked on the top deck, which can accommodate up to six guests (all sitting with a forward view).

The line’s core itinerary is in the Kimberley, sailing seven, 10 or 13 nights.

Trembath described an experienced-based vacation on the True North.

“The playing field is no longer dominated by those who insist on a ship’s bar that stocks 50 varieties of vodka or those with a panache for gold plated bathrooms; or those who cannot hope to be content without the immediate attention of a personal entourage,” he said. “Luxury is no longer defined by opulent surroundings displayed in plush furnishings, wood paneling and ornate decorative. Traditional silverware and delicate fabrics are no longer the mainstays of exclusive dining.

Australian Pax

Passenger sourcing is 90 percent local, he said.

What are his thoughts on the noise and expansion in the expedition cruise market?

“Yes, there is definitely more focus on this segment of the market – however, we have always maintained that we are different – we have a much-greater focus on off-ship activities.”

Those off-ship activities include the tenders and helicopter, and also feature photography courses, fishing, and diving and snorkeling.

Are expansion plans on deck?

“Yes. We have built several ships but they have always been replacements. We have a long-held aspiration to build a ship that would be an addition to the fleet, this aspiration remains.”

Excerpt from the 2018 Expedition Market Report.


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