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TUI Cruises’ cook apprentice program saw students taking their first intermediate exam onboard, before moving on to their final exam ashore after two years of training.

So far, the apprentices have undergone four months of training aboard.

The program is offered in cooperation with the Economic Development Institute of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce.

"I never thought that you would able to see and learn so much, visit so many different cities. I calculate that since I started, I have visited 32 different countries,” commented Philipp Sommer on his first four months of training.

“Germany is seeing its first frost and we are here with 30 degrees outside. My friends are all very jealous," added Julian Kunz, another student.

The apprentices have their own cooking instructor, who offers practical and theoretical training. They complete a total of four basic modules of six months each, including four months onboard, followed by two months on land. The first three modules conclude with an one online test. The fourth module concludes with a final exam.

The intermediate exams are taking online, but under supervision, and consists of 80 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 90 minutes.

According to TUI, Sommer and Kunz scored better than 90 on their first test.

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