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TUI Cruises has launched a training program for new cooks together with the Tyrol Economic Development Agency. The two-year program features four six-month modules – four months aboard one of TUI’s ships and two months ashore. The trainees will have three five-hour lessons weekly, while aboard, including one hour of theory and two hours of practical work.

The first three modules conclude with an online test, while the fourth module concludes with an exam in Innsbruck.

According to a statement from TUI, the program lays a solid foundation so that with two more years, the cooks can reach the level of sous chefs.

TUI said the program is aimed at students out of high school as well as those with start-up experience in restaurant kitchens. The instruction language is German and English and the minimum age to sign up is 18.

TUI did not reveal other terms for the program, including working hours, pay or any fees involved.

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