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I met a (long retired) Captain Eddie Fisher when on the Tyne about 35 years ago. He was fainernrly short, had a limp and was well spoken. Very pleasant man and great company. Seem to recall he did some time under sail as a youngster. Sound like same Eddie Fisher??[/QUOT
Captain Wright was captain of the Neorthumbrian Coast which was previously called the Thornaby. I was a cranedriver at Tyn ae/Tees Middlesbrough wharfe from 1958-67. I worked on her most weeks. She would go up river (light) and load steel for London at the Brittania wharfe which I think was Dorman Long.
She would then come back down river to Tyne/Tees wharfe. She was a coal burner so we had to bunker her with a crane. She had 3 hatches 2 foreward and 1 aft. The forward 2 hatches were 1 hold. We would top up her cargo with steel that came by rail. A lot of the cargo was transhipped in London to deep sea ships destined for the commonwealth countries.
The engines couldn't have been too powerful because if the tide was fast Capt Wright had a struggle to get her alongside.
I also worked on the Sylvian Coast, Novian Coast, Cyprian Coast, Durham Coast, Frisian Coast, a little later the new Yorkshire Coast came along. Also once a week we had a ship from the Scottish Islands I think it was the Lancasher coast. She discharged wool.
I knew Mr Mason he ran the wharfe with another manager whose name I have forgot. I hope this story jogs some peoples memories. I am in my 86th year so this information is wrote down
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