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Container vessels seem to "grow" by the year and the most simple way of determining the size in TEU's is to count the row of containers at the width of the vessel.

This one has 14 rows and currently 16 and 18 rows are being built, 20 to 22 may either be under construction or still on the drawing board.
How much bigger will they get?
I heard 10.000 TEU is currently considered and eventually they may get as big as 12.000 TEU.
It looks like a race as we experienced in the 60's with the then supertankers going to vlcc's etc etc.

Maersk got few of 6600 TEU's on their latest vessels but as far as I know to date the world's largest are:
CSCL Asia and CSCL Europe of China Shipping Line which have around 8500 TEU.
Has anybody more info?
Try to get pictures with 18 containers or more in width.

photo taken in Rotterdam Aug 2004

"always use the correct filmbuilt with antifoulings"


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