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Located at the heart of the Sognefjord, Vik will see 13 calls and just over 7,000 cruise guests this season, which goes from early May through late August.

“2019 looks really good for Vik. In total 19 calls are scheduled so far and around 12,860 passengers,” said a spokesperson. “In 2019, some cruise ships will also spend the whole day in Vik. Normally Vik is just a pick up and drop of port when ships go or come from Flåm.”

The Norwegian port presents itself as a starting point for excursions in high mountain area from Vikafjellet to Voss and Flåm.

Vik also offers a variety of attractions, shops and cafes within walking distance from the port, according to the spokesperson.

“Try the locally produced Gamalost cheese, with its roots going back to the Viking Age,” he added.

Among the most iconic attractions are the Hopperstad Stave Church and the medieval Hove Church.

Local excursions by bus or boat take guests west into scenery in nearby fjords, or east to the World Heritage landscape of Nærøyfjorden.

Among infrastructure projects is a new information center on the cruise pier, which is in its planning stages.

Like other Norwegian ports, Vik falls under a strict emissions control area, which the spokesperson said was not a challenge, but a step forward.

“We want to continue developing excursions that are profitable and that create value locally,” he added.

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