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Well dont forget that a lot of the superstructure is still aluminium, and I have the feeling that Sapphire was Diamond in the original instant and was nearly written off after the fire while she was building in Japan, nearly complete but not quite. A little sleight of hand and the Sapphire became the Diamond and vice versa...they were very lucky that they didnt have to declare a TLC on her, a little more warping on the hull and she would have been. Putting it basically they are overdesigned, every factor is considered and the ship designed to incorporate it...but there is almost no margin of error as in design in the old days when so much was unknown that they allowed very wide margins of error.
Old is best in my opinion, besides they are too big, by the time u get to know your way around its time to leave, smaller is they way to go for me!!.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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