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The Vulcania and the Saturnia sailed for the Italian Line between Trieste and New York until around 1964, if I am not mistaken. I think the C.Colombo took over their duties after the Michaelangelo and Rafaello came on line. The Vulcania and her sister were probably in many ways the two most successful liners in Italian Line history. They sailed as purpose built for almost 30 years and also served towards the end of WWII for the US and allied forces. I was scheduled to sail on the Vulcania with my family in the summer of 1959 from Venice to New York, but the sailing was cancelled due to seaman's strike. I always regretted not sailing on her because she supposedly had some really amazing interiors. She also had a whole deck of first class cabins with private verandahs, and we had been slated to occupy two of them. Oh, well.........
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