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R58484956 said:
Excellent information Ruud,now I will have to spend hours trying to translate into English.
Hello, you lazy guy!
Here is a translation (I hope quite correct!):

The April 5 th 1955 she was sold to the Siosa-Grimaldi and for that Italian company she sailed for many years with the new name of "Caribia". The September 18 th 1973 she arrived at Barcelona, Spain, to be scrapped, thing that, however, happened only on March 15th 1974 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

“Caribia” 1965-1972.
This is the same and glorious ship that, in her “heydays”, was called “Vulcania”. She was built in 1926 for the Cosulich Line, and later transferred to the “Italia Società di Navigazione” (Italian Line).There she still lived others seven years. For better information see the cards of the “Vulcania”, in the section Cosulich Line, or the section of “Italia Società di Navigazione”.
“Caribia”, alike “Vulcania”, had a tonnage of 24.000 tons, and reached a speed of more than 20 knots. She was given a white livery to give her the look of cruise ship, and her funnel too was modified; she assumed, so, the look of a modern and beautiful ship, that however, unfortunately, sank off Cannes, France, in 1972, as happened to “Venezuela”.

If you need more translations from Italian to English, please don't exitate to ask!

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