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I would love to know what coasters, or similar, visited Wainfleet or Gibraltar Point in the first half of the 1800s. My ancestor was listed as a Boatman from his wedding in 1840 in Wainfleet All Saints, through the 1841 census in Northolme as a Barge man, and the baptisms of his children until 1846 (1841 Boater, 1845 Waterman, 1846 Boatman) in Wainfleet All Saints. After that he became a labourer, then by the 1861 census a cattle drover. I’m wondering what vessel(s) he might have used, maybe to load and unload other bigger vessels, where he would have gone to and from the loading, the cargoes he would have had himself and seen around him and the kinds of vessels he would have seen as he grew up and as he worked. They would have been on the River Lymn or Steeping.
I’ve tried looking up Wainfleet, Wainfleet Haven, Wainfleet Harbour and Gibraltar Point in Lloyd’s List and in newspapers. Mainly they talked about wrecks. They also talked about drainage schemes, granaries for sale in 1815 for the corn trade, from where Wainfleet provided a good harbour to send corn away, and a dolphin (called a bottle nose whale) hunt.
Coasters I found “from Wainfleet” were:
Elizabeth, Wiseman to Hull 1814
Favourite, Wilson to Hull 1815
Friendship, Scupholme to Goole 1838 1839 1840
Wainfleet, Davy to Hull 1808 Wainfleet, Tomlinson to Hull 1814 & April & May 1815 Wainfleet, Johnson to Hull 1815
Wellington, Scupholme to Goole 1840
I didn’t find any to Wainfleet. Can anyone please shed any more light?
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