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On the National Maritime Museum's "Historic Photographs" site there are 2 photos of the Wave Governor listed.

The site is

and the photos are:

WAVE GOVERNOR 62.31 1944
Fleet oiler (HMS - RFA)
N60645 (2S) B 1948-1959 Under tow in Kings Dock, Swansea.
N60646 (7P) B 1952-1959 At moorings in Kings Dock, Swansea. Distant.
The cargo liner ROCHESTER CASTLE (1937) is
alongside D Shed.

Good luck

Ron Stringer

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Hi Graham
Don't have the Laird or the Governer but this one might interest you,its
Wave Baron in action fuelling one astern and ready to fuel us port side.
The fuel was necessary- Naval Destroyers are very thirsty - very often the RFA's delivered mail which was very welcome. This was taken in the Med
around 1955-56.

Brian T


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