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The "Waziristan" was built in 1950 by Lthgows Ltd, Port Glasgow, for the Hindustan Steam Shipping Company (Common Brothers), Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Official number 181149, 9115 gross tons, 13550 dwt. Dimensions 481 x 62.2 x 35.1 feet, 4 cylinder Doxford oil engine. 1956 sold to A/S Theologos (N. Rogenaes, manager) Norway, renamed "Erling Rogenaes". 1958 sold to Skips A/S Hidlefjord & Skibs A/S Byford (Kornelius Olsen, manager), Norway, renamed "Korsfjord". 1962 sold to Brodospas, Yugoslavia for demolition and broken up at Split. Details from'The Trades Increase' by John Lingwood and Kevin O'Donoghue which has a photo of the ship.
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