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I am jotting down some family history and ask if any Union steamship members recall this event.
It was probably the early seventies when my old father in law was skipper on a Union co freighter leaving Wellington for Australian ports that the mishap occurred . The ship sailed on an inclement evening when viability was poor and seas rough, and as they sailed out through the heads there was a bump and a scrape as an unlit 30 odd foot yacht was hit by the ship's bow and the yacht hull then slid along the ship's side . The bridge was surprised to see two or three men clamber aboard as they passed ,frightened out of their wits but otherwise unharmed .
Turning back was deemed not advisable and the incident was reported to the harbour authorities , the abandoned yacht notified and the rescued mariners taken to Sydney to be flown home.
The incident was reported in the Auckland papers at the time but later efforts to get further details from Captain Bernard (Bluey) Avery were not very forthcoming. My searches on the net have been negative.
Maybe someone on the site may recall the event.

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