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Nanok was built by A/G Weser in 1960 as Grønland for Ludvig Jansen
of Bremerhaven.
Sold to Boulogne owners and re-named Le Wimereux
Sold to Greenland and re-named Nanok
Sold locally and renamed Frode Sørensen
Sold to Turkey late 80thies
Dear Nicolina
In 1972/1973 I served at the Island Command Faeroes as executive for rescue operations. In spring 1973 a french trawler named "Le Wimereux" was on fire 60 nm east of the islands. We managed to stop the fire and get the ship into the port of Thorshavn to finish up the firefighting and search for three sailors lost during the accident.

I am wondering if it is the same ship You refer to in Your catalogue. If it is so, I am looking for some information of the incident

Yours sencerely
Svend Albrechtsen
capt. RDN (retd)
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