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I do believe this ship must hold the record for the most numerous changes of ownership, but never once a name change in her entire working life.
ss "Will o' the Wisp" 283 gt service speed 8 kts, was built in 1883 by Norfolk & Co Hull for W S Davison Yokohama, port of registry Hull.
1886 W Mansfield Singapore.
1887 Blue Funnel Line.
1890 Straits Steamship Co., on the company's formation.
1896 Tan Poh Tong Singapore.
1899 Lim Kee Ju Singapore.
1900 Ng Ngan Teng Singapore.
1906 Sug Toon Ghee Singapore.
1908 K A Somasuntheran Chitty Singapore.
1909 Wee Brothers SS Singapore.
1917 Wong Poh Keung & H A Lamont Hong Kong.
1918 Wee Seng Bee SS & AL Alves.
1923 Wee Teow Beng Singapore
1924 Teo Hu Lai
1935 Heap Eng Moh Singapore and scrapped.
Even though she retained Will o' the Wisp as her 52 year lifelong name, the Chinese had great difficulty in translating it into their own language and she was affectionately known by all as "Shegum Shogum." "She comes she goes!"
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