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Found this site searching for information about ships captained by distant relatives in branches of my family that had many mariners and master mariners.

The primary locations were Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and Thomaston, Knox or Lincoln Co, Maine, USA.

Thank you to the volunteers who have posted information and photographs.

Captains in Nova Scotia include my direct line ancestors: Capt. Amos Hilton b.1738, Capt. Jacob Lufkin Hilton b.1775, Capt. Jacob Hilton II b.1797, Capt. John Clements b.1715, Capt. William Hammond b.1765, Capt. Philip Hammond b.1724, Capt. John Magray b.1740, Capt. John Allen

In Thomaston, Capt. Nathaniel Fales, b.1727.
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