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Does anyone have photo of following towage by L Smit tug ZWARTE ZEE (4)?
Tow Origin: mouth of Mississippi, Louisiana USA
Tow Destination: Bass Strait, Victoria, Australia (not sure, thought to be near Barry Beach or 90 Mile Beach or Port Welshpool)
Departure Date: August or September 1967
Arrival Date: unknown, presumably 100 days or so later (assuming 6 knots SOA and at least one bunkers call at Cape Town or Port Elizabeth)
Tow Make Up: two units, tandem towed, comprising (a) INGRAM DERRICK BARGE 3, and (b) "stack pack", i.e. two piggy backed flat deck cargo barges with two AHTs atop (EILEEN B INGRAM and PHILLIP F INGRAM, Bangalore torpedoes, and misc. deck cargo)
Tow Owners: Ingram Contractors Australia Pty Ltd, installation contractor to Esso Australia for Barracouta platform and succeeding structures


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