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Liverpool built Norwegian barque ALFHILD of 1892, ex MEINWEN. Technical details and history here:

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What is the point with the gaff on the gaff topsail - so you can set another one on the rest of the mast? No that is silly. I note a second doubling, which means she was once full rigged. According to Lubbock many ships once full rigged sailed better as a barque. If so, then for some it must have been a serious deficit to lose the square sails on the mizzen as well, the rig perhaps becoming unbalanced to a degree where she falls off easily, does not steer well, or what do I know - I am just speculating on a short time under sail, and a few books, and I am trying to make sense of that extra gaff. Maybe it is simply so that the second doubling (where the mast-pieces lies beside each other) did not fit a barque's gaff topsail they got cheaply, and it was easier to fashion a new gaff than a new mizzen topmast and topgallant in one piece.

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IMO / ID 1099413 , Dead.
Ship Type : Sailing Vessel Barque Steel Hull.
Dim : Lpp x Beam - 72,98 x 9.33 mtr.
1892 Build as " MEINWEN " by R. & J. Evans & Co. Liverpool United Kingdom for Meinwen Ship Co. Ltd. (J. G. Evans) Liverpool United Kingdom.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 1.551 / 1.438 / 2.600.

1910 Sold in September to A/S Alfhild (Hansen & AnderssenRederi Larvik ) Larvik Norway,renamed " ALFHILD ".
1916 Sold i August to Tellefsens Rederi A/S (E. Tellefsen Kristinia/Oslo ) Kristiania/Oslo Norway.
1922 Transferred to E. Tellefsens Rederi et. al. Kristiania/Oslo Norway.
1923 Transferred to Skibs-A/S Alfhild (E. Tellefsen Kristiania/Oslo) Kristiania/Oslo Norway.
1925 Lost the rig 25/04 in heavy weather near the Falklands while on a voyage from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Peru in ballast. Brought into Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Sold and converted to a barge.


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