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Acadia Forest

The Acadia Forest, Rotterdam 1969
Vessel data
United States
Type of vessel
LASH ship
Central Gulf Lines, New Orleans
Building yard
Uraga Heavy Industries, Yokohama
Sumitomo Shipbuilding & Machinery Company, Yokosuka
April 3rd, 1969
September 27, 1969
Scrapped in Alang in 1999
Ship dimensions and crew
261,42 m (Lüa)
32,59 m
Page height
18,29 m
max. 12,20 m
36,861 BRT, 20,635 NRT
1 × Sumitomo-Sulzer 9RND90 two-stroke diesel engine
19,375 kW (26,343 PS)
19.1 kn (35 km/h)
1 × fixed pitch propeller
Transport capacities
Load capacity
47,560 tdw
10.000 m³
IMO 6916407
Number of lighters
The Acadia Forest was the world's first LASH ship.
In the 1960s, the American naval architect Jerome L. Goldman developed the LASH system and founded the Lighter Aboard Ship Corporation to market the patented system. The background of the development was the very long berthing times in ports at that time, which were to be shortened with the high handling capacity of the LASH system of over 1000 tons per hour. In 1968, the owner companies Moslash Shipping Company and Mosvold Shipping Company from Kristiansand ordered the first two LASH ships Acadia Forest and Atlantic Forest [1] from Uraga Heavy Industries in Yokohama. Uraga merged with Sumitomo in 1969, so that the two ships, each costing around ten million US dollars, were built at the Uraga shipyard of the Japanese Sumitomo Shipbuilding & Machinery Company. Deliveries took place in 1969 and 1970. The ships had five holds with 14 hatches. Up to 83 standardised lighters with a loading capacity of about 370 tons and additionally up to 10,000 tons of tank cargo in side and deep tanks could be carried. Cargo handling was carried out with a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 465 tons, which could be moved on deck. About three to four barges were handled per hour.
Acadia Forest and Atlantic Forest were used in a long-term charter of the shipping company Central Gulf Lines from New Orleans on the route between New Orleans and Rotterdam. Three sets of LASH barges were used for each vessel, one set of which lay in New Orleans and one set in Rotterdam for loading, while the third set of barges was transported on the vessel. After Bremerhaven was also called at from September 1970, Central Gulf Lines expanded its LASH services in the mid-1970s with further vessels of the MARAD Design C9-S-81d, whereupon Acadia Forest and Atlantic Forest also operated on further services from the US Gulf to the Red Sea and to the Far East.
In 1977 the vessels were transferred to Special Carriers Incorporated and Lash Carrier Incorporated in Monrovia and continued to operate under the Liberia flag. Both ships were transferred several times within Liberia in the following years. In 1992 the US-American shipping company Waterman Steamship Corporation took over Atlantic Forest for service in Military Sealift Command, where she was deployed as Jeb Stuart (AK-9204). On 12 October 1999 the Acadia Forest arrived in Alang for demolition, almost two years later, on 7 July 2001 the Jeb Stuart finally arrived in Alang for scrapping.

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IMO 6916407, Dead.
Ship Type : Barge Carrier.
Dim : Loa / Lpp x Beam - 261.4 / 235.2 x 32.6 mtr.
Gantry Crane Capacity : 510 t SWL.
Barge Capacity : 80 Units.
Built in 1969 by Sumitomo Shipbuilding & Machinery Co Ltd Uraga Japan as " ACADIA FOREST " for A/S Moslash Co ( A/S Mosvold Shipping Co Kristiansand ) Kristiansand Norway.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 36.861 / 20.635 / 47.560.
Main Engine : Sulzer 2SCSA 9-Cyl 9RND-90 - 26.000 bhp / 122 rpm / 18 knots.
Aux.Engine : 3 x 750 kw.
Emerg.Gen : 1 x 150 kw.
Exh.Boiler : Economizer Water Tube - 156 psi.
Aux.Boiler : CHO Water Tube Boiler - 142 psi.

1977 Sold to Special Carriers Inc ( Marco Shipping Co Ltd Singapore ) Monrovia Liberia.
1978 Sold/Transferred to Lash Carrier Inc (Same manager) Monrovia Liberia.
1983 New manager : Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd. Hong Kong.
1986 New manager : BV Netherlands Freight Agencies N.F.A Rotterdam Netherland.
1991 Sold to LCI Shipholding Inc ( Marco Shipping Co Ltd Singapore ) Monrovia Liberia.
1997 New manager : Forest Line Inc Monrovia Liberia.
1999 BU Alang India.


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