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Biber (Beavers)

Biber (Beavers)

  • DDR
Berlin, technical museum.
Beavers, about 1944
German Einmann-Kleinst-U-Boot
I 324 built smallest-submarines of the tip beaver were developed to attack lying at anchor ships with her two torpedos. Sir could be used only under the most favorable weather conditions and only with complete darkness the chance that they were not discovered immediately by allied armed forces.
The driver was completely put on himself alone. In the inner of the boat he was exposed to the fumes of the gasoline engine. A bracelet compass and a small sea map showed his only navigation facilities. From 60 to 70% of the beaver drivers died by the application.
Length - 9.0 m.
Width - 1.6 m.
Displacement - 6.25 t.
Drive - 2.5-liter gasoline motor
Depth - 20 m.
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