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Esso Mersey

Esso Mersey

A bit blurred, lying in the Clyde

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I wonder when that photo was taken? I spent considerable time on the vessel between 1972 and 1979, with the latter year as Master before coming ashore. It has to be pre-1989, when all the Esso UK vessels changed their names to Petro ..... . Interesting? Cheers. Chris

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Chris, the Esso ships didn't start changing to 'Petro' until at least the latter part of 1994 when the company name became Petroleum Shipping Ltd. I was medically retired on 31/12/93 and we were still Transport Dept, Esso Petroleum UK then and based in the admin building at Fawley refinery. Petroleum Shipping was Esso International Shipping (Bahamas) Company Ltd renamed and Esso Petroleum UK was asked to open a branch office in Southampton (Mountbatten House) and that opened in September 1994 as the two company's merged, and Esso UK moved away from the Fawley office to Mountbatten House. The ships were then changed over to 'Petro' names. In time Exxon (the parent company) took over Texaco and the whole operation was transferred to the Esso head office in Leatherhead.

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