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Jervis - Flottila leader for the 16 strong J & K class of destroyers ( Jackal, Jaguar, Janus, Javelin, Jersey, Juno, Jupiter, Kelly, Kandahar, Kashmir, Kelvin, Khartoum, Kimberley, Kingston & Kipling).
L 356' B 35'08" Draft 9' Disp 1,760 tons standard & 2,400 tons full load.
Machinery : Twin screws driven by geared steam turbines three Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 40,000 shp giving 36 knots , bunkers 484 tons of oil gave a range of 5,500 nm at 15 knots.
Armament : four twin 4.7 in C45 QF Mk12 guns is a CP Mk19 mounting during WW2 Y gun mount was removed and replaced with a single Mk5 4" to increase the AA armament. also during WW2 the useless two quad Vickers 0.5 in MG's were replaced with a quad 2 pndr PomPom and four 20mm Oerlikons.
two quad mount set of 21" torpedo tubes ( reduced to one in WW2) were fitted, I am not sure of the number of depth charges carried but photographs
indicate two traps aft plus four throwers. which would indicate 40 to 50 charges.
Crew 180 to 200
Built by R. and W. Hawthorn & Leslie, Hebburn-on-Tyne laid down 26 August 1937. Launched on 9 September 1938 and commissioned on 5 August 1939.
Jervis was another example of a hard worked war heroine but for some reason she is always overlooked and in the shadow of her 'famous' sister Kelly, Jervis was always in the thick of it earning 13 battle honours namely : Mediterranean 1940-42; Libya 1940-42; Malta convoys 1941-42;
Matapan 1941; Sfax 1941; Crete 1941; Sirte 1942;
Sicily 1943; Salerno 1943; Adriatic 1943; Aegean 1943; Anzio 1943; Normandy 1944: there was only one ship that exceeded this record and that was :- WARSPITE !

HMS Ulysses launched 22nd April 1943 as one of the sixteen strong U &V class (Grenville, Ulster, Ulysses, Undaunted, Undine, Urania, Urchin, HMS , Hardy, Valentine, Venus, Verulam, Vigilant, Virago, Vixen & Volage)
Ulysses was converted to a type15 fast frigate by the Royal Dockyard, Devonport, 1952-1953 and scrapped 1970
L 363' B 35'08" draft 10' Disp 1,777 tons standard 2,508 tons full load
Machinery : Twin screw geared steam turbines 2 Admiralty 3-drum water-tube boilers, 40,000 shp speed 36-7 knots
Armament: Four 4.7" QF Mk12 single Mk 22 mountings. 2 40mm Bofors 4 20mm Oerlikons plus 2 quad Mk9 sets of torpedo tubes.

If you wonder why the two flottilla leaders are not named using a U or V - they are named after two lost ships Grenville and Hardy

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