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Kallsevni TN 340

Kallsevni TN 340

Look at the western quay in Tórshavn 1955. The trawler is s/tr Kallsevni, ar rebuilt british corvet. TN 201 is Havfrúgvin, ex Vælfarid, built in England 1881. In background the newly built fish factory Bacalao.

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If we are going through the almanacs chronological, and get use of some random informations, we get this story on the vessel WELLFARE.
1881 built in England as WELLFARE. Where ?
1910 bought to Sweden by Martin Bernhardson, Grundsund. No r/n, but LL 520. (Lysekil)
1920 bought to the Faroes by Clement Klak, Klaksvík. No r/n, but KG 277.
1929 moved to Fuglafjørður. No r/n, but FD 572. Same owner!
1930 r/n WELLFARI, FD 569. Same owner!
1932 moved to Klaksvík, no r/n, but KG 399. Same owner!
1933 sold for Tórshavn, r/n CAPELLA, TN 60. Owner Finnur Finnson, Tórshavn
1937 sold in Tórshavn, no r/n and nr. Owner Chr. Holm Jacobsen, Tórshavn!
1941-42 rebuildet to trawler (sidewinder).
1944 sold for Vestmanna, no r/n, but VN 307. Owner Otto Jacobsen, Vestmanna.
1947 r/n VÆLFARIÐ, VN 307. Same owner.
1948 sold for Tórshavn, no r/n, but TN 10. Owner Chr. Holm Jacobsen, Tórshavn!
1954 sold in Tórshavn, r/n HAVFRÚGVIN, TN 201. Owner Alfred Johannesen, Tórshavn. (Sjóvinnubankin)
1957 sold for Gøta, r/n SPORIÐ, FD 11. Owner P/F ''Krógv'' w/ J.P. Gregersen, Gøta.
1963 laid upp. Owner Oddfríður Gregersen, Gøta.
1965 scuttled in Kalsoyarfjørður. (at the age of 84 !!!)
There may be small mistakes, but all in all the story of WELLFARE. (Thumb)

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It took me most of the day. It´s a long and interesting story. Some strange moves and sales ?
To me, THIS is ships nostalgia. Not taken pictures of plastic boats. (Cloud)

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The owner of Kallsevni did by two corvettes but only Kallsevni was converted the other one the Grunningur was sold to Norway.
Byer was the whaling company A/S Thor Dahl who converted her into a whale catcher.
1941 Built by John Lewis Aberdeen as HMS Myosotis
1946 Sold to Faroes R/N Grunningur
1949 Sold to Norway R/N Thorørn
1969 Scrapped
1941 Built by Hall Russell Aberdeen as HMS Loosestrife
1946 Sod to Faroes R/N Kallsevni
1962 Scrapped

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