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Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna

Lady Madonna at Bandar Abbas 1981.
Waiting to discharge a cargo of lamb from New Zealand

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I was in Bandar Abbas in February, 1982. m.v. POLAR URUGUAY, Uiterwijk Line (UK) Ltd

Loaded frozen 'woolies' at Fremantle. Took three weeks to load. Christmas & New Year 'delays' then it was just too hot to load. When the air temp hit a 'century' 100F, usually around mid-morning, the gangs were sent home. The temp would be in Perth was 100F.... down at Fremantle it was say 85 or 90. I don't think anyone would complain about the enforced stay in Fremantle.

Fremantle to Bandar Abbas for discharge. Ten days then ballast to Colombo for bunkers and then to Adelaide for load again and then to Fremantle to continue load. Before finished my time 7.5 months was up. Steam Chicken fly me home to Bermuda!


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