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Poole in the fifties

Poole in the fifties

A copy of a copy of an old newspaper photo, probably from the Echo, of Poole as I remember it when I was at school. This was why I got interested in ships: there was always something to watch on the quay, which was always open as a public road no matter what was being unloaded.
The coaster nearest the camera is the NOORDLAND, (built 1951, renamed DOLLART 1959) unloading timber on to a Leyland Comet, I think, as two Bedfords of British Road Services prepare to leave.
Behind her is the steamer NICOYA, also discharging timber. Costa Rican flagged, she was ex. OLGA PACE - 56 ; PACE - ? ; MARGOL - 53 ; VANADIS - 42 ; BREIDABLIK - ?., built in Norway in 1910. She was broken up in Dublin in March '59, so that dates the photo between 1956 and early '59.
Astern of her, and just a year younger is Cosens' paddler EMBASSY, and finally, under the transporter cranes, with coal for the gasworks is an Everard's S boat. It would have to be STABILITY or SECURITY, as only these two were originally built with black hulls.
To add to the confusion there were also railway lines along the quay, on which wagons were shunted, often with bunker coal for the paddle steamers.
Despite all this you could wander around absolutely anywhere, as long as you didn't actively interfere with the work in progress !
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