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HAPAG liner PRINZ ADALBERT seen at Genoa. Start of Mexico service.

Name: Prinz Adalbert (1902-1914)
Prince (1914-1916)
Princetown (1916-1917)
Alésia (1917)
Owner: Hamburg America Line (1902-1914)
Admiralty (1914-1917)
Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique (1917)
Builder: Bremer Vulkan Schi

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The Prinz Adalbert [1] was built in 1902 by the Bremer Vulkan for Hamburg-American Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG), Hamburg, for South and Central America services. As a rule, she was used together with the sister ship Prinz Oskar, built on the same shipyard, on a line.
Prince Adalbert

The sister ship Prinz Oskar
Deutsches Reich
United Kingdom
other ship names
Princetown (1916)
Alesia (1917)
ship type
port of registry
Hamburg-American Packet Travel Actien Company
Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack
construction number
August 21, 1902
January 12, 1903
Sunk in 1917
Ship dimensions and crew
128.0 m (Lüa)
14,9 m
Max. 8.25 m
6,030 GRT

2 quad expansion steam engines
3,250 hp (2,390 kW)
12.5 kts (23 km / h)
transport capacity
Load capacity
6.150 tdw
Allowed number of passengers
124 I. Class
264 II. Class
1,030 tween deck
In 1914, the Prinz Adalbert came into British possession, when it started on 4 August 1914, apparently in ignorance of the political situation Falmouth (Cornwall). Since February 1917 as Alesia under the French flag she was sunk on 6 September 1917 by the German submarine UC 50.


Use at Hapag

The Prinz Adalbert launched on 20 January 1903 on her maiden voyage from Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro.
On April 8, 1903, she opened a new bimonthly, direct service Hapag to Mexico, which led in 21 days from Hamburg via Le Havre and La Coruña to Havana (13 days Atlantic crossing) and Vera Cruz. For the first time, only one intermediate port in the West Indies has been started [3]. However, the regular service was taken over by the smaller "Prinzendampfer" built in Flensburg, the Prince August Wilhelm coming into service in May and, from October, Prince Joachim.
Prinz Adalbert drove on 12 January 1904 for the first time on the route Genoa-Naples-New York, where she was used together with her sister ship Prince Oskar and other ships. In autumn 1906, the two princes were transferred to a new line from Genoa to La Plata, but due to lack of success in November 1907 had to be set again. Both ships returned to the route from Hamburg to Mexico.
The increasing emigration to Canada aroused the commercial interest of Hapag. After also customs barriers were eliminated, she opened a service Hamburg-Quebec-Montreal with the two princes in 1909, since a pure emigrant service would not have borne a line. [4] On November 26, 1910, the Prinz Adalbert ran for the first time on the line Hamburg-Philadelphia, which served both princes together with the Rugia (6598 BRT, 1905, Rhenania class) until 1914.
The Prinz Adalbert was among the ships that tried to help the sinking RMS Titanic in 1912. [5] On her also the picture was taken, showing the iceberg, with which the Titanic allegedly collided.

war fate

In 1914, the Prinz Adalbert came into British possession, as it apparently began on 4 August 1914 in ignorance of the political situation Falmouth (Cornwall). Confiscated, it was further used by the British Admiralty and renamed 1916 Princetown. In February 1917, she was given to the French shipping company Sudatlantique Marseille [7] and then drove under the name Alesia.
On September 6, 1917 she was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UC 50 at Ouessant.

Sister ship Prinz Oskar

The Phenicia of Hapag
The almost identical Prinz Oskar (6,026 BRT) was launched on December 15, 1902 at the Bremer Vulkan (Building No. 451), Vegesack, and was delivered to Hapag on June 14, 1903. she also made her maiden voyage to Brazil immediately. She then drove on 10 October 1903 as the first of the sister ships from Genoa via Naples to New York (last time on June 29, 1906). They performed the service together with the Phenicia and the Palatia and under a new agreement with the White Star Line.
On September 22, 1906, she opened the new service from Genoa to Buenos Aires. After his appointment in 1907, both sister ships went to the Mexico service.
The Prinz Oskar [8] made the first trip to Canada on March 19, 1909 from Hamburg to Halifax and Saint John, NB, and then opened the new line with the first trip of the Hapag from Hamburg to Quebec and Montreal on 14 May 1909 ( for the last time on May 27, 1910). [9] The Hamburg Philadelphia service was opened by the Prince Oskar on September 13, 1910. On July 21, 1914 she started her last trip in the service of Hapag to Philadelphia, where she was launched on 4 August for the duration of the war.
On April 6, 1917, she was then released by the US
Source: Wikipedia

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