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Owned by Wm Cory's St Denis Shg Co the Queensgarth is seen in Brigham & Cowan Dry Dock in 1969. Built by Blyth Shipbuilding & Engineering Co in 1959 she was 10,762 gr tons.

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QUEENSGARTH (3) (1959 - 1977) ore carrier.
O.N. 300996. 10,609g. 4,600n. 15,633d. 510.7 x 70.2 x 28.0 feet. (155.66 x 21.42 x 8.535 metres).
Post 1981: 9,432g. 4,642n. 15,633d.
Post 1983: 10,608g. 4,642n. 15,633d. 172.80 x 32.80 x 8.535 metres.
Post 1985: 9,432g. 4,642n. 15,633d.
4-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (670 x 2320mm) Doxford 67LB4 type by The North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Wallsend. 4,400 BHP. 12 kts.
22.11.1958: Keel laid by the Blyth Dry Dock & Ship Building Co. Ltd., Blyth, (Yard No. 370) for Rea Ltd., (Wm.Cory & Son Ltd., managers), London.
7.5.1959: Launched for St. Denis Shipping Co. Ltd., (same managers), London.
16.9.1959: Completed.
1974: Ocean Transport & Trading Co. Ltd., Liverpool, appointed as managers.
1977: Sold to Cia. Nida S.A., Greece, and renamed DAPO STAR.
1981: Sold to the Australind Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Hong Kong and renamed AUSTRALIND.
1982: Sold to Kepdrill International Inc., (Edward Drilling Company, managers), Panama, and renamed ENIWETOK.
1983: Lengthened, broadened and converted into a drilling ship, Atwood, Australind Drilling Ltd., appointed as managers.
1984: Kapal Management (Pte)Ltd., appointed as managers.
1985: Renamed FIVE STAR.
1989: Sold to K/S Stardrill (Odfjell Drilling & Consulting Company A/S, managers), Liberia, and renamed STARDRILL.
10.1992: Lloyd’s Register class withdrawn owners and managers deleted and transferred to St.Vincent & the Grenadines registry.
11.12.1992: Delivered to J. M. Industries, Alang, for demolition.
28.12.1992: Work commenced.

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ENIWETOK was the drilling ship involved in the disaster at the Sentosa cable car, got out of control at Keppel Shipyard and struck the cable.

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Thanks Richard for drawing attention to that sad accident. I had never made the connection.

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