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One voyage as Tss BRITANNIC as leading lady for the film 'Jauggernaught'.

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The "BRITANNIC" former HAMBURG (1969) departing berth 106 Southampton Western Docks in February 1974 bound for the North Sea for six weeks of filming for the movie Juggernaut.

The HAMBURG had recently been sold by the bankrupt German Atlantic Line to the Russian Black Sea Shipping Company. Before the handover the Russians chartered the ship to the film production company and for the purpose of the movie she was renamed BRITANNIC.

Juggernaut was a drama movie based on the situation involving the QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 which in 1972 had a bomb scare whilst mid way through a transatlantic crossing.

Before filming started the producers of Juggernaut put an add in the British press asking for extras for the film as non paying passengers as long as they were prepared for some rough weather which was a major part of the film.

Anyone who hasn't seen the film Juggernaut I thoroughly recommend it, not for the acting or even the plot line but for the fantastic footage of the ship. Anyone who has seen the film will fondly remember the late Roy Kinnear playing Mr Curtain as the very upbeat Cruise Social Director.

My father was an extra on the quayside when the "BRITANNIC" departed Southampton.


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