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Ukraina (Adzharia type)

Ukraina (Adzharia type)

Real photo of one of six Adzharia type ships which were built in 1926-1931 in Leningrad, USSR (4) and Kiel, Germany (2) for Sovtorgflot Crimea-Caucasus Line.
She was sunk by German aircrafts in Port of Novorossiysk on 02.07.1942.
More information is available as SN Directory Soviet Merchant

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I have read somewhere that she was raised in 1944 but found unfit for repairs. Her wreck apparently was kept for some time and scrapped only in 1950.

I don't know if you can verify this Andrey.

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Dear Aristo, many thanks. There are several books about Losses of Soviet Merchant Marine in WW2. Officially the statistic has been finalized in issued of 1989. Refer to this book a lot of ships were raised both Russian after WW2 and German during WW2. I will check the matter more carefully and add the information into SN directory. Most probably, You are right and she was raised at least to have port area free and safe. Sincerely Yours, Andrey

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