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BP British Mariner

BP British Mariner

unkown BP tanker

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British Mariner. 1922.
Actually many of the photos you've posted are on Woody of IOW's website:

Cheers, Geoff

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Thanks Geoff, I did say I had no idea if they had been posted anywhere else. Without being too morbid, I am just conscious of my own mortality and thought that it is silly to just have them all sitting here on my pc.

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Built by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd., Jarrow for the British Tanker Co. Ltd. (Yard No.924). 10,772 DWT, 440.2' LOA Breadth 57.2', powered by two steam turbines built by the shipbuilder, double reduction geared to a single screw, 3,270 shp. One of 47 ships of 10,600 - 11,000 DWT ordered after WWI and delivered between 1921 and '26. They were built to the Isherwood patent system of longitudinal strength with 10 main oil cargo "holds" which could carry 8336 tons of oil while their 5 "summer" or "wing" tanks on each side to port and starboard added a further 1082 tons capacity. They carried a crew of 72 and their accommodation was divided into 3 separate parts. The Engineers and Firemen had quarters in the poop. Amidships there were 3 decks built above a storage space. The lowest of the 3 housed chief, 2nd & 3rd Officers plus the stewards, pantry, dining saloon, smoking room, hospital and stateroom. The next deck held the Captain's accommodation,the Chief Steward's and the R/Os while the highest deck held the Wheelhouse, Chartroom and Radio Room. The worst accommodation, in the enclosed steel fo'c'sle, was reserved for the POs and Seamen. The British Mariner traded successfully until 20.10.1941 when she was torpedoed and sunk by U162 at a position 100 miles SW of Freetown.

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