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Fred Cains

Fred Cains

Does the background look like Simonstown SA

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Who is this Fred Cairns ?. He must be the most photographed person in the
Merchant Navy .

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Fred Cains was an AB then QM sailing with RFA in the 60's as I did 62/63
Fred passed away Dec 31 2005, thru another site his son contacted me asking "did I know his Dad"?
I did, though I did not recall him immediately, I have only recognised 2 other faces in those photographs.
No one else has recognised Fred, or me from my earlier postings of my own photographs. Like wise I have not recognised any other photographs posted of others by others.
Disappointing , yes, then it is obvious that we have all been pawns in a very large game and the greater percentage of those that partook either did not keep in touch, do not belong to associations and do not look in on internet sites.
I am very happy for those who did and do but do realise for my part that the chances of meeting any of the 75 crew of that ship some 44 years later are very remote indeed.
Fred Cains though passed away has been my only contact, he was in the Merchant Navy for a longer period than myself and for his family I felt that his photographs being out there might help in drawing some of the nostalgia of his past.

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