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MV Spraynes

MV Spraynes

MV Spraynes entering Longyabayan harbour,Spitsbergen,

May 1980

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Swiftnes /Saltnes class - Bulk carrier with five 12-ton Velle type derricks capable of operating grabs carried aboard.
As built: 12,982g. 8,045n. 21,916d. 510’ 3” (BB) x 75’ 2” x 32’ 3¼” oa.
Post 1994: 13,250g. 7,491n. 21,916d.
18-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (400 x 460mm) Pielstick 18PC2V-400 type by the shipbuilder at Yokohama. 9,000bhp. 14 kts.
22.8.1972: Launched by Nippon Kokan KK, Shimizu (Yard No. 316), for Tenax Steamship Company Ltd., London.
21.11.1972: Completed for Biovale Ltd., London. (O.N. 358649).
1973: Owners restyled as Jebsens (UK) Ltd.
1974: Transferred to Jebsen, Dillingham Shipping Ltd., London. 1980: Transferred to Pacnorse Shipping (UK) Ltd.
1981: Transferred to Jebsens Shipping Ltd., London.
1983: Sold to Salag (Gibraltar) Ltd., (Acomarit Maritime Services SA, managers), Gibraltar, and renamed MONTARIK.
1984: Sold to Alderney Ltd., (Acomarit Maritime Services (UK) Ltd., managers), Gibraltar.
1985: Sold to Acomarit Maritime Services (UK) Ltd.
1988: Sold to Salag (Gibraltar) Ltd.
1990: Acomarit Services Maritimes SA, appointed as managers.
1991: Sold to Elka Shipping Company SA, (Jason Navigation Company Ltd., managers), Greece, and renamed IFIGENEIA. (O.N. 9847).
1993: Renamed GEORGIOS.
10.1.1997: LR Class suspended, laid-up - repairs required.
6.12.1997: Sailed from lay-up at Manila, with repairs still being required.
26.8.1998: Renamed GEORGIOS I, under Honduras flag. (O.N. 119830537-S).
10.9.1998: Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition.
13.10.1998: Cheng Jen Enterprise Company Ltd., commenced work.
25.11.1998: Honduras registry closed.

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Did that run on the Sealnes summer season 81, really good fun. IAn Lowdan(?), was the old man, we asked for cold weather gear which the company supplied, and got a load of rubbish from Middlesex, so as we were going north of 60 degrees we refused to go. Funny how quickly we got the proper stuff sent up from Bergen. Huts knocked down and earth graders to Longyearbyn and coal back to Mo I Rana.

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