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Port Invercargill

Port Invercargill

Built in 1958 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 10463grt, a length of 490ft 6in, a beam of 65ft 10in and a service speed of 15 knots.
Sister of the Port Launceston she was launched by radio telephone from Sydney on 22nd November 1957 and delivered on 26th March 1958.
In June 1967 she was one of fifteen vessels trapped in the Suez Canal when it was blocked as a result of the 'Six Day War' between Egypt and Israel. On 19th February 1969, still trapped in the canal, she was declared a constructive total loss with an insurance valuation of £1,411,000 which was paid in the September. The insurance company, London & Liverpool Steamship Owners Mutual Association, set up Invercargill Shipping Co. as owners.
By January 1971 all the trapped ships had been abandoned to underwriters and were moored together with Polish skeleton crews as watchmen. Eventually the Suez Canal reopened and on 30th May 1975 the Port Invercargill was towed to Port Said where she was sold to the Defteron Corporation of Greece and renamed Kavo Kolones (2). From Port Said she was towed to Piraeus where the cargo was unloaded. Examination of her hull revealed that it was not corroded too badly and she was put back into service but only for another four year until August 1979 when she was broken up ay Kaohsiung by Shyed Sheng Huat Steel & Iron Works.

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A fine looking ship but service speed of only 15 knots seems a tad slow for a cargo-liner built 1958.
I was aboard the Melampus when trapped in the Bitter lakes with this ship and our contact with the passengers aboard the Port Invercargill was our last contact with females for 3 months.
Lack of female company was the worst aspect of being trapped on the lakes.
Regards Phil

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The website has an entry for July 1967 detailing that the Master of PORT INVERCARGILL had to be returned to UK from Great bitter Lakes because of a medical condition.

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