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RAF (Not RN) RTTL Launches in Malta

RAF (Not RN) RTTL Launches in Malta

I was stationed in Malta for 2 years 72-74 working in the Communication Centre at the airfield.
Knocked around a lot with the Marine Craft blokes one of which, Mitch Hankin, sent me this photo. I have his permission to reproduce it but always give credit to the owner.
RTTL - Rescue and Target Towing Launch - 2771 is the one I went out on during an exercise with a Nimrod. After the aircraft passed over us, very low, we stopped to pull the skid, that we'd been towing, back on board. Corkscrewing started and I commenced on the most violent sickness I've ever experienced in my life.
Hence joining the RAF and not the RN, I used to get sick going across the Tyne on the ferry!

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We had a steward who would come aboard, cross the deck and throw up over the starboard rail every crossing before we sailed. Never ever saw him sick during a stormy crossing though. Strange that. I was ok as a cadet on the high speed RAF launches but got awful queasy on the pinaces.

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