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Stan Mayes Teespool 1947

Stan Mayes Teespool 1947

Bosun Stan Mayes with his vessel (Teespool) x Ocean Vanity at work view shot 2nd Q 1947 sorry for reduced quaitly of image Stan.maybe you can elaborate on this shot.

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Hello Portway,
The photo was given to me a few years ago by Charles Daley an OS on
Teespool -he had taken the photo with his camera.
I think it is at New Orleans...we had cleaned No5 hold and were using the
derricks to bring the rubbish and dunnage up onto the deck..
On left is myself,then Paddy Mears AB - 'Red' Prentice AB and Chippy is
driving the winch..
After paying off Teespool I never saw Charles Daley again -he lived in Salisbury..
About ten years ago I saw a request in Shipping Today and Yesterday from a
reader in Toronto -he asked for information on Teespool...I replied and of course
it was the lad I had sailed with many years before.
He had married a Canadian girl and emigrated to Toronto..
In 2003 Charles came over to visit his relatives in Salisbury and he stayed at my home
for a few days.
On Merchant Navy Day we attended the service at Tower Hill Memorial and Charles laid
a wreath in remembrance of Canadian merchant seafarers lost in the war...
Sadly Charles crossed the bar last year...

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