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Stefan Batory
Alongside in Oslo during her first Norwegian fjords cruise, in 1986.

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11,693g. 5,637n. 7,170d. 153.42 x 21.09 x 8.764 metres.
Two steam turbines made in 1945 by General Elactric Co., Erie, double reduction geared to screw shaft, 8,500shp. 16.5 kts.
19.12.1950: Keel laid as DIEMERDIJK by Dok en Werf Mij. Wilton-Fijenoord N.V., Schiedam (Yard No. 733).
5.4.1952: Launched.
7.1952: Completed as MAASDAM for Holland America Line N. V. Holland.
1968: Sold to Polish Ocean Lines, Poland, and renamed STEFAN BATORY. 1
988: Sold to Erne Compania Maritima S. A., (Hellenic - Polish Shipping & Trading Enterprises Ltd., managers) Panama.
1989: Purchased by City Shipping International Inc., (Stena Rederi, managers) Bahamas, converted into an accommodation ship for refugees, renamed STEFAN, permanantly moored and connected to all municiple services at Gothenburg.
1991: Sold to Courage Maritime S.A., (Marship (Services) Inc., managers) Greece.
17.9.1991: Arrived at Piraeus and laid up. 1
992: Tony Travel & Agency Ltd., appointed as managers.
12.1996: Damaged by stranding.
22.3.2000: Arrived at Aliaga for demolition by Kalkavanlar.

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A true little golden nugget, this old faithful STEFAN BATÓRY.

P.S: Are you sure her deadweight was the large number of 7 100 tonnes? Sounds much for such small ship. To compare with the Contemporary and larger liners as ALEKSANDR PUSHKIN on the Europe to Montréal line, she had a deadweight origially 5 999t, later rebuilt with 5 180 tonnes, and her New York fleet mate MIHAIL LERMONTOV a deadweught of 4 956 t.

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Yes, I am certain!

The following extracted from the IHSF register (Dead Ships) today, confirms.


Tonnage Type – T.Mk
Tonnage System – Old System (By Flag)
Effective Date - November 1989
Gross Tonnage – 11,693
Net Tonnage – 5,637
Deadweight Tonnage - 7,170
Compensated Gross Tonnage – 0
Formula Deadweight Tonnage – 17,230
Light Displacement Tonnage - 0

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