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The Monkey Island Oriana.

The Monkey Island Oriana.

Photo taken up around Norway, 'The Golden Cockerel' denotes that Oriana was the fastest ship in the fleet 27.5 knots service speed.It was (and possibly still is) a brass cockerel here seen on Oriana (1960) that was positioned in port and in the proximity of any P.and O. ships on the monkey island in full view as this denotes that the ship is the fastest in the fleet.
The crew of Canberra for some reason always thought they were a cut above all the other ships in the fleet,NOT SO WITH SPEED!!! on one occasion we busted the apprentices from Canberra trying to steal our beloved Golden Cockerel, they were so jealous of this shiny trinket atop the monkey island.
As a bridge seaman on Oriana I spent many hours with Brasso cleaning the Cockerel. Commodore Reid was a stickler for a clean Cockerel so even after a shower of rain one would see the deck boy or bridge seaman up there with a bit o rag polishing away!!
I did see photograph of a golden cockerel being transferred from ship to ship looked like the Suez in the background, as recent as a few years ago. As ships change so rapidly these days I dont know if they bother with this Icon anymore.
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