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WOLF of 1884

WOLF of 1884

s.s. WOLF was built in 1884 by De Schelde yard at Vlissingen (yard no. 40) for H.E. Moss, Liverpool. GRT 579.
Laid down: 13-10-1883
Launched: 19-04-1884
Sea trials: 14-06-1884
Delivered: 17-06-1884

She was designed to carry heavy and voluminous cargo, like two guns with a weight of 120 tons each and a length of 46 ft. These were manufactured by Krupp and shipped from Flushing to La Spezia (Italy) in 1886. Her master was captain Brown.

1888 sold to Sartori & Berger, Kiel r/n ERNST, 1925 sold to Pommersche Landwirtschaftliche Hauptgenossenschaft, Stettin, 1936 sold to Werner Peters, Hamburg, 1949 scrapped.

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[COLOR="Navy"]She looks way ahead of her time and with a lifespan of 65 years, through two world wars, must have set something of a record for a
dirty coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack?[/COLOR]

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