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Bari, ex Pillau
Bought with a bundle of snapshots taken 1927-29 at Collectables fair about 10 years ago. Says on the back:'An Italian warship, Adriatic Sea, Venice, Jan.8th, 1928. Decorated for birthday of Queen Mother.' Looks to me ex-German, and I'm opting for Bari, ex Pillau.

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Some info on Bari
Built: 1915 as German 'Pillau'
Tonnage: 4,350
Machinery: Turbines: 3 screws, 27,400 h.p. 27.5 knots
Guns: 8-5.9inch; 2-3.4inch AA; Mines: 120; TT: 2-19.7inch
Armour: Deck: 3inch
Complement: 370
Class: Elbing--nameship was sunk at Jutland in 1916; Pillau became Italian 'Bari' in 1920

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