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Liverpool miscellany

Liverpool miscellany

Mid 1970s.
Identity of the two sisterships?

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Nice picture David,
I can remember walking past those two circa '73-4 ( if my memory is correct), I believe they were small tankers but I could be wrong

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They were built for the Hudson Steamship Company who went bankrupt. The ships went straight from the yard into lay-up. I remember seeing two of them in Bidston Dock. A couple of them were eventaully bought by the British Government and converted into RFA ships, though I don't recall which ones.

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There were three sister vessels for Hudson SS Co. built by Camel Lairds from around 1975 onwards that were semi finished in Hudson colours but laid up if memory is right between Lairds & Liverpool for 2-3 years before being bought by the government for the RFA.
Hudson Cavalier = Appleleaf
Hudson Deep = Brambleleaf (later transfered to Australia I think)
Hudson Sound = Bayleaf
Which is which in this shot I would take a guess at, Sound (left) and Cavalier (right). They were part of Lairds standard design ships that achieved moderate success in tanker form, seem to recall they were called STAD 32 and STAD 55 where the numbers indicated dwt, as in 55000 dwt.
Looks like ED`s Eboe to the left, swansong era looking back now, only wish I`d taken some pics.

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