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Thor VN 87

Thor VN 87

Ex Saturn, built as a series of 5 or 6 in Boizenburg DDR in 1964.
Seen in Tórshavn 28.03.2009

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And by the way, these were the 5 from VEB Elbewerft, Boizenburg,GDR.
1964, HAVALDAN, FD 205, D.P. Højgaard, Toftir.
1964, KAPPIN, TN 495, p/f "Grønlandsfelagid", Tórshavn.
1964, SATURN, FD 10, p/f "Hamar", Gøta
1964, SILDREKIN, FD 324, Júst í Túni, Runavík.
1964, VARDBERG, VA 165, p/f "Vardberg", Midvágur.

Rolf Guttesen
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I once saw a peculiar happening with Saturn.
I was just drawn up on the slip at the yard in Thorshavn. They were about to empty one of the bottom tanks for oil. It caught fire, and developed into a concentrated beam of fire. Incidently it was directed dicectly on to the wire that held the skip on the waggon. The wire eventually smelted and broke. The waggon with Saturn rushed to the sea, tralala. Luckily nobody was injured, and the ship afloat.

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