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HMS Norfolk

HMS Norfolk

Batch 2 County class destroyer, HMS Norfolk. First Royal Navy warship to be fitted with Exocet missile system.

Norfolk was sold to Chile in 1982 and renamed Capitan Prat. Decommissioned 2006 and sold to Mexico for scrap 2008.

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She almost has her own fleet on davits! Looks really smart with her seaboats all gleaming. Congrats to the crew, and the First Lieutenant of course!
Why DOES the RN build such fine ships, and sell them off cheaply before their time? Money is not an acceptable excuse, the RN should not pay for the inadequacies of the governments fiscal policies.

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One of the three Counties I served on, HMS Norfolk was a good ship too. This was the only ship in the RN that I am aware of that had a Junior Rates bar. She was the first of the batch 2 Counties to transfer to the Chilean Navy in 1982 and she was renamed Capitan Prat. She remained in service until 2006 and was scrapped in Mexico in 2009.

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